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Self-supporting wire with aluminum cores, light-stabilized XLPEinsulation, with uninsulated neutral carring conductor of self-supporting wires of aluminum alloy

aluminum, multi-wire, round, compacted.

aluminum alloy, multi-wire, round, compacted.

made of light-stabilized PEX. Main insulated conductors shall have distinguishing color longitudinal strips of width at least 1mm. Color shall contrast with black. Auxiliary conductors of lightening circuits shall have distinguishing printed marking: "В2", "В2". Insulation of protected wires, neutral carring conductor of self-supporting wiress and auxiliary conductors shall be black, neutral carring conductor of self-supporting wires does not have insulation

insulated main and auxiliary conductors shall be twisted around neutral carring conductor of self-supporting wires. Wires' insulated conductors without current-carrier shall be twisted with each other. Insulated conductors shall be right-twisted in the wire. As per customer request,wires may be produced with 1, 2 auxiliary conductors for outdoor lightening circuits. Auxiliary conductors nominal cross-section area is 16, 25 or 35 mm2

is intended for overhead power lines and PL's line branches in atmospheres Class I and II as per GOCT 15150-69

Cables climatic category is W, placement category 1, 2 and 3 as per GOST 15150-69

Operating temperature range from - 60°С to +50°С

Ambient relative humidity at +35°С is up to 98%

Cable lying down and installation without preheating shall be performed at temperature not lower than -20°С

Min installation bending radius - 10 ODs

Nominal frequency - 50Hz

Wires after water soak test at (20 ±10) С at least 10 min pass AC voltage test with frequency 50Hz during 50 minutes - 4kV

Allowable heating of conductor during operation shall not be more than:

- at normal operation – +90°С

- at short-circuit – +250°С