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Single-core cables with aluminum or copper cores, XLPE-insulated, with longitudinal or lateral sealing, flame-retardant halogen-free polymer compound sheath. As per IEC 62067, IEC 60332-1

copper or aluminum, multi-wire, compacted, and conforming to Class 2 as per IEC 60228. Conductors with cross-section 1000-2500mm2 are made of 5 sector-segments

made of electrically conductive XLPE

made of XLPE

made of electrically conductive XLPE

made of electrically conductive water-blocking tapes

copper wires layer covered by spiral copper screen


- copper screen cross area depends on short-circuit current magnitude and flow time and shall be specified at the time of order placing

- as per customer’s request, copper-wire screen may be equipped with fiber-optic temperature modules

made of electrically conductive water-blocking tapes

made of electrically conductive glass tapes

made of laminated aluminum polymeric tape tightly welded with outer sheath

made of flame-retardant halogen-free polymer compound

Cables are intended for electrical energy transmission and distribution in solidly grounded neutral systems with rated voltage 64/110kV AC, 3ph, frequency 50 Hz, directly connected with overhead lines or without it, on paths with unlimited level difference. Cables used for bunched wiring as per fire hazard indexes according to GOST R 53315 shall be additionally marked with index (A) (only for cables with conductor’s cross-section area up to 630 mm2).

Cable climatic version placement category 2, 3, 4 and 5 as per GOST 15150-69.

Working temperature range:

- from -50°С to +50°С for cables with PVC sheath

- from -60°С to +50°С for cables with halogen-free polymer compound sheath

Cable lying down and installation without preheating shall be performed at temperature: not lower than -10°С.

Min installation bending radius: up to 15 times of cable’s outer diameter

Max allowable forces developed during cable pulling along the path:

- for aluminum-core cables - 30 N/mm2

- for copper-core cables - 50 N/mm2

Allowable cable core heating temperatures:

- 90°С during normal operation of cable cor

- 130°С for overload condition of cable with core cross-section area up to 800 mm2, 105° С for cables with core cross-section area over 800 mm2, (duration of overload operation shall be 100 h per year and no more than 1000 h per life cycle

- 250°С when SC current flows in the core (max duration is 5 s)

- 350°С when SC current flows in the screen (max duration is 5 s)

Guarantee period is 5 years (from the date of cable commissioning)

Service life is at least 30 years