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The 330 kV cable system of the TATCABLE plant complies with the technical requirements of PJSC Rosseti

The TATCABLE plant received a positive conclusion from the certification commission confirming that the 330 kV cable system consisting of a cable manufactured by the TATCABLE plant with a conductor section of 2,500 mm2 inclusive, couplings manufactured by PFISTERER Kontanktsysteme GmbH (Germany), PFISTERER IXOSIL AG (Switzerland) And BRUGG KABEL AG (Switzerland), fully complies with the technical requirements of PJSC "Rosseti" and recommended for pilot operation at the sites of subsidiaries and affiliates of PJSC "Rosseti".
Owing to the implementation of the import substitution policy, the construction of the Leningrad NPP-2 power output project for piloting and pilot operation has successfully completed the installation of 330 kV cable products manufactured by the TATCABLE plant. The successful implementation of this project will unconditionally confirm the competence of the TATCABLE plant in the production of a 330 kV cable.

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