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TATCABLE and PJSC "FTC" signed an agreement on strategic cooperation and interaction

On August 23, 2016, in the margins of the 46th session of the CIGRE held in Paris, as part of the project to establish the Federal Test Center, the TATCABLE plant and PJSC "FTC" signed an agreement on strategic cooperation and interaction. At the stand of the Russian National Committee of CIGRE, the agreement was signed by the General Director of the TATCABLE plant Viktor Miller and Acting General Director of PIC FITs Alexander Dyuzhinov.
To sign a meaningful agreement for both parties, the 46th session of CIGRE was chosen not accidentally. The basis of this decision was that the main goal of CIGRE is the coordination of research, the exchange of experience and scientific and technical information on the functioning of electric power systems. Taking into account that the TATCABLE plant is the leading scientific and technical partner of the SIGRE RNA and the Sub-Committee B1 "Insulated Cables" was established on the plant's base, the TATCABLE plant intends to make maximum efforts to exchange experience, scientific and practical information on testing cable products with "Federal testing center". To date, the TATCABLE plant has the most powerful testing station in Russia for a voltage of 700 kV and a resonant capacity of 28,000 kVA.
     The following aspects were the basis of the agreement between the TATCABLE plant and PJSC "FTC":
  • The importance of long-term partnerships;
  • Common interests in the field of testing, certification and certification of electrical equipment;
  • Consolidation of efforts in the field of training qualified personnel for work in the field of testing and diagnostics of equipment;
  • The need to apply joint efforts of the plant and testing laboratories to increase the reliability of the equipment produced in the country and create conditions for import substitution;
  • The need to develop import-substituting products with export potential;
  • High potential in the field of development and production of cable and wire products of the TATKABEL plant, as well as a wide range of opportunities created by PJSC FIC;
  • Joint development and creation of cable products for use at the facilities of PJSC "Rosseti".

    The TATCABLE plant supports the initiative of Rosset to establish a Federal Test Center and, within the framework of the signed agreement, will make every effort to ensure that the country has the opportunity to conduct a full range of standard, prequalification, certification, periodic tests of power cable and cable systems Voltage up to 500 kV. Together, the parties will work to create an opportunity to confirm the compliance of electrical products with international standards in the territory of the Russian Federation.
        The agreement is signed without a period of validity.

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