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Report of the head of the marketing department of the plant TATCABLE Stanislav Grigoriev at the Russian Energy Forum

October 19, 2016, within the framework of the Russian Energy Forum held in Ufa, a session of the section "Cable industry today and tomorrow", the head of the marketing department of the TATCABLE plant (included in the INVENT Group) and the representative of Subcommittee B1 "Insulated cables" RNA SIGRE Stanislav Grigoriev made a presentation "Development of import-substituting products with export potential".
In his report, Stanislav Grigoriev outlined the problems faced by cable manufacturers in entering international markets, namely:
1. Absence of a price gap;
2. Lack of confirmation of compliance of cable products with international and national standards of different countries on the territory of Russia;
3. Secure international markets.
It is important that Stanislav not only described the real problems faced by the TATCABLE plant when entering international markets, but also proposed solutions for the development of the export of cable products.

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