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Participants of the Interregional Cooperation Forum of the Republic of Tatarstan and St. Petersburg visited the TATCABLE plant

July 19-20, 2016 in the city of Kazan was an interregional forum for cooperation between the Republic of Tatarstan and St. Petersburg. The business program of the forum included a visit to the TATCABLE plant.
July 20, the forum participants arrived at the Factory TATCABLE, where they were met by the Director of the plant Fanil Dinmukhamet and told the story of the creation of the plant, implemented and under implementation projects high in St. Petersburg, after which the guests were shown the complete cycle of production of cables and wires with XLPE insulation for voltage up to 500 kV test station with the possibility of raising the voltage to 700 kV and the resonance capacity 28,000 kW, which is unique in Russia and discussed in Dew cooperation factory TATCABLE and St. Petersburg.

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