Quality policy

Strategic objectives in the field of quality

  • Foresight of requirements of our customers, consumers due to supply them with high-quality and safe production, strengthening their trust
  • Support of leading positions among companies manufacturers cable and wire products in the Russian Federation
  • Provision of economic effectiveness of the company in favor of its customers, staff, founders, suppliers and the general society
  • Fulfillment of its obligation to society, nature, the company’s staff by performance of safe production processes.


  • Bringing the values associated with quality management system to the staff’s attention
  • Mastering of modern technology focused on the output increase, development of new products, their quality improvement and provision of manufacturing efficiency
  • Establishment and development of mutually beneficial relations
  • Every employee’s understanding of the necessity for nature protection activities and its purposes

The leadership of TATCABLE who signed the Quality Policy is aware of special responsibility for achievement of set goals and expects every employee to be involved in their realization.

The leadership of TATCABLE is obliged to take all measures aimed at meeting the requirements and constant increase of efficiency of the quality management system.

Director of TATCABLE plant подпись Viktor Miller

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